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Alcohol Recovery Treatment

Alcohol Recovery - Dedicato Treatment Center

Although drinking alcohol is legal, it is not always safe. Millions of Americans abuse alcohol every day. Alcohol consumption is responsible for countless deaths every year. These deaths are a result of health problems, alcohol poisoning, and accidents. Alcoholism doesn’t just affect the lives of those who drink, either. Accidents caused by drunk driving claim the lives of innocent people every day, and violence as a result of drinking is a major problem. Read below to find out if alcohol recovery is the best option.

With that said, it isn’t always easy to know when drinking is a problem. It doesn’t always result in such dramatic occurrences. Not everyone who drinks drives drunk, and health problems may take years to manifest. There are many so-called “functional” alcoholics who manage to go to work every day and pay their bills. So how does a person know when it may be time to enter an alcohol addiction rehab?

How Do You Know When You Have an Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol is a socially acceptable drug. People often associate drinking with having fun and relaxing. People drink alcohol at restaurants, at parties and weddings, while camping and fishing and at sporting events. No one blinks an eye at someone when they order a drink, after all, it’s not like it’s a drug, right?

Alcohol is a powerful central nervous system depressant that affects the brain and the body. It slows reflexes and reaction time, lowers inhibitions and alters vision and perceptions. It is a legal drug and like any other drug, it can be abused. Chronic drinking causes damage to the heart, liver and immune system. It increases the risk of certain types of cancer and can also create changes in mood such as depression.

Problem drinking doesn’t just affect your health, though, it impacts all areas of life, particularly relationships. Here are some signs that you may have a problem with alcohol abuse:

  • A close friend or family member has expressed concern over your drinking.
  • You drink to the point where you pass out or get sick, or you have periods of time you can’t remember, but you didn’t lose consciousness.
  • You become uneasy when you are in situations where you can’t drink.
  • You avoid social situations where there won’t be any alcohol.
  • Your friends want to stop drinking but you want to continue to “have fun.”
  • You find yourself having to apologize for things you said or did while drinking.
  • You avoid hanging out with people who don’t drink, even family.
  • You are spending less time doing things you used to enjoy if they don’t involve drinking.
  • You become upset or anxious when you run out of alcohol.
  • You need to drink more than you used to, to get the same effect.
  • When you don’t drink you have difficulty sleeping, become agitated, sweaty or shaky.

These are some red flags that you may have an alcohol addiction, and may benefit from alcohol recovery and inpatient alcohol treatment. If drinking is impacting your life and the lives of your family and you can’t seem to quit on your own, it may be time to get help from an alcohol rehab.

What Is Alcohol Abuse Rehab and How Can It Help?

 Too often, people who are struggling with addiction try to solve the problem with willpower. They bargain with themselves, try to control their drinking, berate themselves and finally lose hope that they can do anything about it. Through a combination of therapy, education and skill-building, you will learn to identify triggers that cause you to drink. You will learn about addiction and the brain, and how to develop new, healthy habits.

What to Expect in Alcohol Recovery & Inpatient Alcohol Treatment?

Some people find the idea of getting help for alcohol abuse and alcohol recovery scary. This fear of the unknown is common. Some fears include being judged, having a lack of freedom and a lack of control. You may have heard negative stories about rehab, or may be relying on movies or television.

The reality is that Dedicato Treatment Center is a welcoming, supportive environment that can help you overcome alcoholism and get your life back. Being in rehab is a choice that you make to help you get better, and while there may be a certain level of structure and some rules, it is really not that bad. Time in rehab goes by quickly. From the very beginning, you will be involved in day-to-day activities that are geared toward learning more about alcoholism, gaining insight into underlying issues that may have contributed to your problem and learning coping skills and behavior changes that will help you not only stop drinking but also become happier and healthier.