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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction Treatment - Dedicato Treatment Center

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem that affects over a million Americans a year. It causes devastating consequences to both the user and their families and friends. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that is highly addicting.  Most cocaine use star­ts as occasional, recreational use. Some people can use cocaine recreationally f­or some time before becoming addicted. This is the danger of cocaine use, as most people have no idea they are slipping into addiction. Find out if you may benefit from cocaine addiction treatment at Dedicato.

Use becomes more frequent, and the user may find that they need more of the drug to get the same effect. This combination of more frequent use and needing more of the drug per use is a sign of tolerance. Tolerance means that your system has adapted to the drug, and is a huge red flag.

Tolerance is just one sign that cocaine is starting to take over your life. Although anyone can become addicted to cocaine or other drugs, each person will experience the problem differently. Some people become addicted right away, and some people experience a faster, more dramatic decline as addiction takes over their lives. The upside to this is that you become aware more quickly of the problem. Some people, however, may use addictively for years before getting help. It isn’t always easy to see the problem for what it is. Denial may have you thinking you have things under control, that your life is normal, and that you don’t really have a problem, especially if you still have your job, home, and family.

Here are some signs that cocaine has become a problem in your life:

  • Getting and using cocaine is a major priority in your life. You may forego other activities or interests in favor of using drugs.
  • You have begun isolating yourself from people, perhaps family members or friends. You choose friends who also use cocaine over friends and family members who don’t.
  • You often feel depressed, anxious and out of sorts. You feel better when you use.
  • Life feels chaotic. You may still meet your responsibilities and get to work, etc. But you struggle, feel stressed, deal with lots of drama.
  • You find yourself resenting people and situations that interfere with your using.
  • You put off buying things you want/need in favor of spending money on cocaine. For example, you chose not to go out, take a vacation, purchase new clothes, etc. You justify this by thinking that things are okay because you are still paying your bills.
  • Friends or family have approached you about your drug use.
  • When it comes up, you become angry and defensive, and blame other things/circumstances/people for your problems.

These are just a few red flags that can indicate a problem with cocaine addiction. If you are a concerned loved one and you suspect cocaine addiction, there are numerous signs that there is a problem, including:

  • Erratic sleep patterns.
  • Periods of excitability, rapid speech, grandiose thinking, etc. Followed by periods of lethargy, depression, irritability, etc.
  • Paranoia
  • Uncharacteristic new habits. Spending all their money, being secretive, staying out for long periods of time.
  • Weight loss, pale skin, dark circles.
  • New friends and hangouts.
  • Finding drugs or paraphernalia

If you suspect your loved one has a problem with cocaine addiction, it is important not to avoid the issue. Too often drug use doesn’t get talked about, but it is important that you do. It could save a life.

Long-term Effects of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a dangerous drug. Users may snort, ingest, smoke or inject the drug. Cocaine use can lead to overdose, heart and liver problems, and contribute to other health issues. Person who inject cocaine are at risk for HIV and Hepatitis C. Long-term effects on the brain are still being studied. Research shows that people who habitually use cocaine may suffer from cognitive deficits including memory loss, confusion and difficulty solving problems.

Getting Cocaine Addiction Treatment

If you are struggling with cocaine addiction, an inpatient drug treatment center is the best way to free yourself from the addiction. While cocaine addiction is powerful, treatment has been shown to be very effective in treating it. Addiction is a disease, and like any other disease, it should be treated.

The process of cocaine addiction treatment at Dedicato Treatment Center is a positive one. You will enter a safe, supportive environment with people who genuinely care about you and want to see you succeed. Dedicato Treatment Centers offer a structured environment that allows you to develop new, healthy habits, address underlying issues that have contributed to the problem, and learn new coping skills. You will have a new, fresh start at a life free from addiction