Penalties for drug and alcohol related offenses can be harsh, especially in California. If you’re a first time offender with a DUI or other legal issues involving substance abuse, preemptively undertaking a recovery treatment program can often gain you favor in the eyes of the court. When you are willing to take responsibility for your addictive behaviors and seek treatment the judicial system can sometimes provide alternative sentencing or court ordered rehab.

By being proactive and responsible it gives the district attorneys and judges indications that you are sincere about changing your life. In many cases depending on the nature and severity of the offenses the judicial system is willing to allow substance abuse treatment and court ordered rehab instead of prison sentences when the crime committed involves drugs or alcohol.

You can learn how to live without drugs at Dedicato Treatment Center. We can provide detox and addiction treatment as an alternative sentence option. We can write letters and provide official certificates of completion and make court appearances on your behalf before a judge to explain the program and your need for recovery. If you can commit to complete our treatment program successfully, then you could be a candidate for an Alternative Sentencing program.