The decision to begin rehabilitation is hard.  The fear of a painful and unhealthy withdrawal is real.  At Dedicato we want to help reduce that fear.  We offer a safe, clinically managed detox program where patients are monitored by a Board Certified doctor Internal Medicine and Addictionology. Our goal is to make our clients as comfortable as possible during this challenging time.


At Dedicato Treatment we believe that recovery starts with rooting out the source of the pain that caused the addiction. Our in-patient residential program is focused on healing unresolved trauma and residual pain from abuse or neglect. But we also believe that recovery is a place to evolve a new mindset. First we heal the body from the addiction, then we work on freeing the mind from the chains our pain enslaved us in and finally we help to recommit oneself to caring for the physical body.

Intensive Outpatient

Recovery is a lifetime commitment to self. Unfortunately there is no light switch that can turn addiction off. Every person’s recovery process is personal and unique but many find ongoing support in daily outpatient group therapy to be a key element to staying committed especially during reintegration their new normal life. Intensive Outpatient Therapy offers accountability and support, especially in those first crucial months following a residential program.