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Factors of Transformation: Be The Change You Want

Order Dr. Keith Marshall’s new book, “Factors of Transformation: Be The Change You Want​.”

Factors of Transformation: Be The Change You Want does not waste one second expressing  poetic fluff many self-help books use to solicit readers. At the onset of his introduction, author  Dr. Keith L. Marshall states point blank he wants us to understand the power of our conscious  and unconscious thoughts in every dimension of life, be it spiritual, mental, emotional, physical,  or social. The idea is to assist those who desire to achieve liberation from negative thinking  patterns that yield poor behaviors, to become sensitive to the power of thoughts and become  more productive.  

Two poignant questions are firmly posed at the beginning of this short but robust read. Why wait  to make changes in your life when you are not guaranteed to live another day? Why not be in  touch with your mind, body, spirit, and relationships today? If you have not asked yourself these  questions and find you are aimless in your pursuit of purpose, it may be time for you to jump off  the proverbial hamster wheel and evaluate your current circumstances using the criteria found  within the pages of this encouraging resource.  

Chapter One, You Are Not Your Body may appear to present a familiar answer to issues  associated with low self-esteem. Though a noble gesture, it is not the point. Dr. Marshall serves  a platter with spiritual delicacies that help us savor the idea that our dilemma has nothing to do  with who we are on the outside, though our behaviors are what we see; it has everything to do  with who we are on the inside, these fragile vessels we call “bodies.”

He points toward his Creator with an invitation to connect with Him through prayer and study of  scripture, to be thankful every day for the things we at times take for granted.  

He reminds us that change comes with a price. It requires action and is not dependent upon how  we feel because there will be times giving up seems the most viable option. Consistency is key.  The same consistency of action and purpose used when practicing old behaviors that makes one  restless, irritable, and discontented (RID) should be implemented when searching for emotional  and spiritual healing. The reconciliation and revelation is that we are not our bodies, but a spirit  within our body.  

The Power of Principles, Uncover and Discover “You”, Forgiveness, Nurture Your Physical Self,  Money On Purpose, Don’t Be A Hater, Sweat Sometimes, Don’t Waste Thinking, and Love  Yourself, are foundational chapters for transformational thinking. They are laden with healthy  principles and insights that keep us from becoming our own worst enemy, reveal areas needing  improvement and sounds the clarion call that it is never too late to change the course of our lives  and stinking thinking can no longer dominate.

Factors of Transformation - front book cover
Factors of Transformation - back book cover

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