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Fear to Freedom: From Dumpster to Doctor
By Dr. Keith Marshall

Pre-order Dr. Keith Marshall’s new book, “Fear to Freedom: From Dumpster to Doctor.”

Fear to Freedom: From Dumpster to Doctor is a book title that stirs a strong curiosity at the onset. The mind’s eye envisions familiar sights of souls lingering on sidewalks, asleep on bus stop benches, or lining freeway underpasses in metropolitan areas. Hope for them appears dim, and a life turnaround nearly impossible.

Author and doctor Keith L. Marshall escorts his reading audience down a very personal and vulnerable road. A scenic route revealing childhood abuse suffered from his stepfather’s rage, promiscuity, a twenty-year struggle with a chronic crack cocaine addiction, abandonment, homelessness, imprisonment, and the severe trauma suffered from being shot in the head point blank and stabbed multiple times, being left for dead. 

Ultimately, Dr. Marshall reveals the silver lining within the pages of his autobiography. But before doing so, he naturally motivates his reading audience to take a deeper look into their own lives, past and present. With this insight, they may be inspired to unearth and face their own buried pain, ghosts from the past, and residual fears that need to be uprooted and healed.

His extraordinary experience of being wrapped in a modern-day miracle as he stared death in the face is inexplicable. He survived the unimaginable which brought him to the doorstep of spiritual awareness. God was no longer far off. Dr. Marshall let go of religious practice and rituals and became conscious and present in his thought life while changing the self-destructive behaviors that hurt himself and others. His journey proves that no matter how dark and ominous a life may seem, there is always a way out, and God is waiting to lead them to that space.

Keith L. Marshall is a doctor of psychology, CEO, author, and living a more enduring, purposeful, and productive life. Fear to Freedom: From Dumpster to Doctor maneuvers the reader to ponder their existence and its meaning. Dr. Marshall asserts that there is one universal and undeniable truth about life and there is something we all have in common. That is the imminent reality that death awaits us, and the question we all ask ourselves, “What happens after life as we know it on earth?” He cannot leave this world without sharing his story and assuring others that self-forgiveness, redemption, and overcoming human struggles is possible. The raw effects of trauma and self-destruction can become a thing of the past as long as there is breath in the body and a will to get up and rebuild!

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